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Now offering Micro Current Neurofeedback

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  • Micro Current Neurofeedback – What is it and How Can it Help?

    IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback (MCN) is a brief, gentle and noninvasive stimulation of your brain that helps calm your central nervous system down. This in turn helps you feel calmer and sleep better.

    Our brain has tons of neural pathways in it. Sometimes those neural pathways get stuck and are rigid (healthy brains have flexible neural pathways). If this happens people start to experience negative symptoms such as anxiety, depression, ADHD symptoms, insomnia, dementia/Alzheimer’s and more. The gentle stimulation of MCN also interrupts those neural pathways which provides an opportunity for them to “reboot” themselves. A similar analogy would be when your computer stops working and you shut it off and turn it back on, which magically makes the computer start working again. With MCN, your brain doesn’t shut off but the neural pathway does get unstuck and that is what allows your brain to heal itself. When your brain is healthy, those negative symptoms tend to go away.

    IASIS MCN differs from regular neurofeedback in a few ways. One way is that the stimulation is much, much smaller (Micro). The science behind this neurofeedback suggests that less is more and with a smaller stimulation you’ll actually get better results and need fewer sessions compared to traditional neurofeedback. Another big difference between the two is that with traditional neurofeedback, it takes active participation from the client because you are training your brain by moving objects on a screen. In IASIS MCN, you are “un-training” your brain and it’s all passive. The client does not have to do anything.

    There have been two published studies recently that have indicated success with IASIS MCN. One of those studies was with veterans who had TBIs. This study took pictures of each participates brain at the beginning and end of treatment and concluded that IASIS MCN helped improve brain functioning in these individuals. It also concluded that there was significant reduction in clinical symptoms for these participants. The second study was just published in September 2023 and it concluded that IASIS MCN helped significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD and improved quality of life for the participants. If you’d like to, feel free to click on the links below for more information on these studies.